Chilling at the Aloft Hotel in Texas

The Storyteller | November 12, 2014 | By

Dallas, Texas is nearly my home away from home when it comes to business travel. On one of my recent trips, I had the opportunity to stay at the Aloft Hotel in Plano. It was my first time ever staying at the trendy and contemporary hotel chain from Starwood Resorts and I came away very impressed by this hip relative of the W Hotels chain.

Walking into the Aloft Hotel in Plano, I immediately understood the Aloft motto of “Style at a Steal.” The check-in desk was placed just off the lobby bar, where I was greeted immediately by friendly staff member. The delicate beat of electronic dance music wafted through the air as my eyes glanced over to the rather inviting pool table.


During the late afternoon, the lobby was sprinkled with a few people unwinding, but I noticed through the lobby windows the outdoor pool, which had it not been raining, would have been the perfect accessory for a long-travel day.


I made my way up to my hotel room, yet at approximately 300 square feet, the typical Aloft room isn’t all that large compared to other hotels I’ve stayed; however the room layout and design are very functional and maximize the space to create a functional, yet highly comfortable hotel room.


While I’m a pretty easy traveler without a lot of expectations, when I do travel, there are three things I mainly look for in a hotel room to determine if I will return for a future stay: a comfortable bed, vacuumed carpet and good water pressure in the shower. Good water pressure in the shower is often over-missed, but after traveling or being in meetings, a nice hot shower, with great water pressure helps to alleviate my stress. Therefore, in these three requirements, the Aloft Hotel in Plano exceeded my expectations. It was truly a “heavenly” experience.

The Aloft Hotel in Plano has an exceptional list of additional amenities, as some travelers prefer a fitness center (they have one), bars (they have one) and free Wifi (they have it), but this Aloft Hotel is also a pet friendly hotel.

So the next time you are traveling in the Dallas area or any where near the nearly 160 Aloft Hotels, make sure you stop by for a night or two. Just like me, you’ll be able to experience “Style At A Steal.”