Do you love coffee? Check out Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I will be heading back up to my brother-in-law’s lake home in Nisswa, Minnesota, which is approximately two and a half hours north of the Twin Cities and is home to one of the best coffee shops and roasters I have ever come across, Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery.

This family run business is operated by Julie French, head baker, Mike French, head roaster; and Nate French, Julie and Mike’s son (and also a roaster). When one enters Stonehouse Coffee, you are immediately drawn to the cozy atmosphere of a local coffee shop, with the smell of fresh baked scones and a beautiful aroma of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

I was first introduced to Stonehouse Coffee approximately three years ago by my aforementioned brother-in-law. He brought home a pound of Stonehouse’s Black Pearl coffee, proceeded to place the beans into his Jura Capresso coffee maker and brewed one of the most amazing cups of coffee I had ever tasted.

Stonehouse Coffee

At first I was skeptical that a small town roaster could roast such a perfect cup of coffee, but I immediately fell in love with the medium roasted Black Pearl. In addition to Black Pearl, Stonehouse roasts a selected variety of other coffees, but what I also love is some of the names that Mike and the crew come up with, such as Italian Stallion, Black Tiger and Jamaican Me Crazy. The names play homage to the regions in which the styles are roasted.

Stonehouse Coffee

Along with exceptional coffee, Julie whips up some of the best freshly made scones that I’ve tasted. When I was last in Nisswa this past summer, I awoke early on a Saturday morning and heading in to downtown Nisswa to pick up some freshly baked scones. On this particular day, piping hot, maple-glazed bacon scones were being brought in to the coffee shop from the kitchen next door. Although I personally don’t eat bacon, I knew that there were several family members that adore bacon that would absolutely love to eat these delicious looking scones. Much to the dismay of the gentleman waiting behind me, I bought all of the freshly baked scones that just came out of the oven.

Stonehouse Coffee

Not to worry, they did have other scones already made, such as a raspberry, white chocolate scone. It is quite possible that I may have eaten one of those scones right there in the coffee shop, with a fresh cup of Black Pearl coffee.

For those of you that don’t get to northern Minnesota all that often, you can order any of their coffees or scone mix directly on their website, For first time orders, they have in the past waived the shipping costs, so check that out if you can. We normally order five pounds at a time and when you do, they will be specifically roasted for you and shipped out the same day. Typically I receive my coffee in three to four days.

So if you want to try one of the best coffee shops and roasteries I’ve ever come across, please check out Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery in Nisswa, Minnesota. As I can surmise, you will be pleasantly surprised.