The trolls I know do argue a lot
live on Twitter, they’re not bots.
These trolls spews facts, they do not know
all the while, their blockers grow.
But if you cross, these dirty trolls paths
count one, then two, then three, let them pass.

Trolls beat dead horses, no healthy debates
the trolls I know, love to hate.
Stirring the pot, venom they’re flowing
acting like children, tantrums they’re throwing.
I ask, “Are you delirious?”
They’re hiding, so mysterious.

I first found it neat, when I was sent twenty tweets
they are deranged, their handles they have changed.
Count one, then two, then three and logout, from Twitter
the place where the trolls do live.

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Day 22: NaPoWriMo Prompt: A Nursery Rhyme