Help Children’s Hospitals and The PACER Center’s Cause at Nordstrom’s Ridgedale Gala Event

At the tail end of last year, I was in a fortunate enough position that my company was able to make a donation to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Since that time, I’ve also been able to learn more about the exciting new developments and advancement in certain medical procedures, such as fetal surgery. Therefore, when I was asked by Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to serve on the Gala Committee for Nordstrom’s new Ridgedale store in Minnetonka, Minnesota, I didn’t hesitate as this is a great cause that deserves applause.

I will write more soon about the gala event, which will support Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota’s’ Midwest Fetal Care Center, as well as also help to support the PACER Center. However, first let me tell you about some of the amazing things that are going on at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Yesterday I received a behind the scenes tour of their Minneapolis location, which approximately 10% of all newborns at either United Hospital in Saint Paul or Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, matriculate (fancy word for “move on to”) to Children’s. But what happens when a baby is faced with potential lifelong medical issues, such as spina bifida, while still in the womb? In partnership with The Mother Baby Center, Children’s Foundation developed a $7.0 million charitable campaign to support the Midwest Fetal Care Center to resolve these lifelong medical problems before a baby’s birth. Below you will find renderings of the new Midwest Fetal Care Center.

Furthermore, throughout a whole pregnancy, there are many possible complications, but childbirth in-and-of itself is a scary proposition, not only for complications that can occur during the procedure, but once the baby is born. For example, when our eldest lad was born, he wanted to come out feet first, he pooped in the amniotic sac and his heart rate was dropping. Thanks to the quick actions of he awesome doctors and nurses at United Hospitals, all went fine, but had there been any post-birth complications, that Children’s Hospital of Saint Paul was connected to United Hospital, I knew we were in great hands.

Unfortunately I’ve also had some family members that have had to have their newborn baby spend some time at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota due to being born very prematurely. I didn’t realize that the premature babies stay at Children’s Hospitals until their approximate delivery date to make sure they are healthy enough to go home. There is even a “Stories of Hope” wall showing pictures of the “preemies” and recent pictures of thriving children and now adults. I find that to be rather cool.

As I walked around my tour yesterday, I was further impressed about everything I saw, from the Kiran Stordalen and Horst Rechelbacher Pain Management Center, to the Ronald McDonald House, to all the places that children could explore while they were at the hospital. Having children feel comforts be while in a hospital is certainly something that any parent would want because sickness and sometimes death, is hard enough to understand.

So while I’m certainly looking forward to the gala event in September, I am more looking forward to seeing additional “Stories of Hope” for many generations to come and with the help of donors like you and me we can make the Midwest Fetal Care Center a reality.