Love Sustainable Products? Check out Rain Africa.

When it comes to products that I use in my everyday life, I love it when I am introduced to a new product that aligns perfectly with my own ideals of attempting (though not always succeeding) to use sustainable products. As such, I was introduced to Rain Africa, which recently came to the United States via its’ corporate offices in South Africa. As of today, there are two United States locations, one in Rockefeller Centre and the other on Columbus Avenue in New York City. The next time I am in the Big City, I’m definitely going to have to stop by for more products to buy.

So what makes Rain Africa rather cool and unique for my everyday grooming needs? Rain Africa incorporates ingredients used by Africans for quite a long time (perhaps several hundred years), such as oils and butters from the Baobab tree, Kalahari Melon, Mongongo nut, Marula fruit and Matura nut. Once blended intricately in their laboratory, they are able to produce some incredibly great soaps, lotions and body scrubbers (i.e., a loofah). I really love and adore their corporate tag-line “Created for living” as this motto embodies their philosophy of creating products that are responsibly made with “love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.”

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At first I was a little skeptical to change my normal shower washing habits, as sometimes my skin can react negatively to new soaps depending on the type of fragrances used in their production, but after using the African Rain Shower set for the past three weeks, I can proudly say I’ve had no allergic reactions, but more importantly I love the way that I smell when I come out of the shower. Who would have thought that the Boabab soap, which uses olive oil, would smell so amazing? Certainly not me, but I’m a big believer now in Rain Africa’s products.

While I did receive the African Rain Shower set complementary from Rain Africa, I wouldn’t hesitate to order up some additional soaps once I run out. In fact, my new found friends at Rain Africa have provided all of my friends and readers a 20% discount off of anything ordered on their website April 15th through May 1st. All you have to do is click the link below and then use the shopping code: POET20.

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Normally priced at $59.00, the handmade gift box that I received contained Rain Africa’s energizing African Rain shower gel ($15.00), two natural old-fashioned handmade soaps with rosemary and baobab essential oils ($8.50) and their handmade jute wash cloth ($18.00) which is great for mild exfoliation. The handmade gift box I will also put to great use in the future.

If you’d like more information about Rain Africa, you can certainly find more out about them by visiting their main website here, but their YouTube channel has some great information about where their products are sourced, as well as tutorials about using their products. Here is an introductory video for you to learn about Rain Africa, which I loved to watch:

And since it is National Poetry Writing Month, it would only be fitting if I wrote my final words in this review in haiku:

I smell amazing.
My sustainability.
Rain Africa soaps.