Coming soon to the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul is the new TargetExpress. Located at 2080 Ford Parkway, this new TargetExpress will open on July 26th – the day before my birthday (hint – a TargetExpress give certificate would be the perfect present for me).

Target’s newest and smallest store format yet, TargetExpress has replaced the Barnes and Noble bookstore and will most certainly be watched closely to see how this urban store concept takes hold within the diverse age population, both young families to seniors, of the Highland Park neighborhood.

The typical TargetExpress store has about 20,000 square feet and I did find this groovy tour of the TargetExpress Dinkytown site which you can find here. I would imagine the Highland Park TargetExpress site, Target’s second in the Twin Cities, will also have a variety of Target private-label brands within its’ grocery department as well as a good choice of electronics. According to the StarTribune, there will also be a decent amount of toys, kids’ sporting goods (the Ford Little League Ballpark down the street), home decor and kitchen accessories. In addition, if you are in a rush, you can order your Target products ahead of time and conveniently pick them up at TargetExpress.While there is certainly a drugstore across the street from the new Target Express site, there will indeed be a pharmacy at this Target Express, which I know will certainly save my Highland Park in-laws from driving to a suburban location for their prescriptions.

However, if this TargetExpress site is similar to the Dinkytown site, one shouldn’t expect to find a lot of clothing, which is fine by me, but I do hope they have some good socks, since well you know, I kind of have a sock addiction. I will be really curious how the prices stack up for items in the grocery section given that there are other alternatives that are a stone throw away from the entrance of the Highland Park, TargetExpress. Another good draw for this TargetExpress site is that there is a Starbucks on one side of the building and a Chipotle on the other. Win, win, win.

If you are also in need of a job, this TargetExpress site is hiring and I snapped a picture which has all the details should you want to ask.


Lastly, I have before walked by the first TargetExpress site in the Dinkytown area of the University of Minnesota’s campus, which was across the street from a rather hip Goodwill store named Gina plus Will. I attended the Gina plus Will’s opening and frankly, shame on me, I didn’t even realize that this thrift shop was related to Goodwill. I guess I am a little slow at times in recognizing the connection. Now I doubt that people will not recognize that this TargetExpress is related to its’ iconic Target “Papa” but let’s just hope that people realize the TargetExpress for what it is and what it is not. Though it will be a super store, it is not a Target Superstore, but if done correctly should keep you coming back for more.