Day 7: NaPoWriMo – Tritina For The Ox

The Ox

I awoke this morning stretching like an elongated eel.
Looking in the mirror, I saw a former strong ox.
Broken down, I felt miserable.

Why do I wake up feeling miserable?
Am I no longer an electric eel?
Am I no longer a reliable ox?

Instead I carry the weight of my mind,  burdened like an ox,
trudging along, whipped and miserable,
cut apart like an unagi eel.

To work I slithered along, like a miserable eel burrowed in the muck, waiting to be trampled by The Ox.

Today’s Day 7 National Poetry Writing Month prompt for Day 7 was to write a tritina poem. The tritina poem has three, three-line stanzas, and a final concluding line. Three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set pattern of ABC, CAB, BCA, and all three end words appear together in the final line.

As I didn’t know what to write about, I quickly googled “Random Word Generator” and found a nifty website that you can pick the number of random words you like (from two to ten) and voila, random words will appear. If you are stuck for some random words check out this random word generator here. My three words were eel, ox and miserable.

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