The Rabbit Hole in Minneapolis is serving up some amazing Korean food.

I have been eating and making a fair amount of Korean food lately and now we have a new favorite Korean restaurant in the Twin Cities called The Rabbit Hole.

While many people have yet to experience Korean food, I have fallen in-love with hearty stews, kimchi and our favorite new spice, gochugang. In fact, I ordered a new cookbook called Koreatown.

Inside Koreatown, was a one page blurb form quasi-Twin Citean Andrew Zimmern where he mentioned The Rabbit Hole.

So just like Alice, I decided to go down the rabbit hole and what a gastronomic experience we had last night.

For an app, I loved the Mr. Pickle’s Plate, which is a trio of rotating kimchi and pickles. Her kimchi happen to be made by Kat’s mom. Kat is one of the owners along with her husband.

Mr. Pickle's Plate, The Rabbit Hole

Since I don’t eat a lot of pork, I was a more limited to what I can eat, but I have to tell you, the Yuki vs. Winter noodle bowl was spectacular.

Yuki vs. Winter, The Rabbit Hole

This steaming hot spicy brisket stew, with shiitake, sweet potato noodles, leeks, bean sprouts and egg can be made gluten free. Nice.

Puerquitos, The Rabbit Hole

Next up was the puerquitos, which are 3 red braised pork tacos with daikon, cilantro, cheese layered tortillas with their house hot sauce. These were yummy and tasted almost like pork belly. When I thought how to describe the puerquitos in one word, I gutturally said, “Yummy!”

Lastly, let’s talk about drinks. At The Rabbit Hole, you’ll find a nice selection of local brews, as well as wine. If you’re adventurous try some soju, which is in essence a Korean version of Japanese sake.

Cocktails, The Rabbit Hole

If you’re a cocktail kind of poet like me, go for the Cabra Vieja, which includes blanco tequila, cynar, lime, bokbunja and rhubarb bitters. It was very tasty, just wish it was a larger drink for the price.

So to wrap up my review, with a rhyme not a haiku, take a trip down The Rabbit Hole, your tummy will thank you, I do extol.

The Rabbit Hole is located at in the Midtown Global Market, 920 East Lake St, Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN. Dinner hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 4pm to 10pm and Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 11pm. Do me a favor and follow them on Twitter here, like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram here.