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Announcing My Partnership With Marcus Theatres

Marcus Theatres

By on November 2, 2016

Check out Marcus Theatres for a Great Movie Experience.

I am really excited to announce my partnership with Marcus Theatres.

You see, I love going to movies. For the past couple of years I’ve almost exclusively gone to the Marcus Theatre in Rosemount, Minnesota.

Although there is a closer movie theater, Marcus Theatres was one of the first movie theaters I can recall in my area that swapped out the traditional, uncomfortable movie theater seat with a DreamLounger (aka, a super comfy recliner).

So I was really excited when the social media guru of Marcus Theatres reached out to me to inquire if I would be interested in a partnership with Marcus Theatres.

I was like, “Yeahhhh, count me in.”

For me, nothing quite beats heading to the movie theater and grabbing a small bag (okay, maybe a large) of popcorn with extra butter. You see, ever since I was a kid and even more recently with steaming video services, I love going to a movie theater.

Perhaps it’s just the awesome surround sound systems or hearing the laughter of those around me. Experiencing a movie in a theater for me just can’t be replaced by an electronic device.

So what does my partnership with Marcus Theatres mean for me and you? Hopefully it means that I will be able to bring you some awesome movie reviews. Of course I’m sure they will be in poetry and haiku.

As for me, Marcus Theatres has provided me with some free movie passes so that I can take in a movie. I hope to also offer you some more insight in to what it takes to run a movie theater.

I’ve always wanted to go into the projection room, so perhaps I’ll give you a sneak peek of one. Maybe you’ll even see me behind the counter passing out popcorn!

Marcus Theatres has over 50 theatre locations in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. There is always a Marcus Theatre with convenient movie showtimes nearby.

Please visit their website here to find out more information about Marcus Theatres. I would also urge you to download their app for your iOS or Android phone.

After you’ve downloaded the app, make sure that you sign up for the Marcus Rewards program to accumulate discounts on concessions. With the app you can also pre-select your seats, so you don’t have to wait while you’re picking up your concession treats.

So perhaps it would be fitting to end my announcement of my partnership with Marcus Theatres with a little poem:

Head to Marcus Theatres
In your seat you will slink.
Grab some popcorn
And food and drinks.

Then kick up your feet
Bring a blanket too,
But don’t fall asleep
During the previews.

But seeing a movie
In a DreamLounger seat,
Any Marcus Theatre
Is an amazing treat.

Follow Marcus Theatres on Twitter here, like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram here.