T-Mobile’s New Binge On is Spectacular.

This weekend I was “Up Nord” celebrating 4th of July weekend when I received the dreaded “You’re at 90% of your data allowance for the month” from Verizon. As I stared at the horizon, I knew it was time to maybe switch back to T-Mobile.

You see, we were always going over our 15 gigabyte data limit on Verizon.

Over the past six-months, our Verizon bill has averaged about $275.00 per month AND this doesn’t include our phones. We came out of our contract last year and purchased our iPhones through Apple’s upgrade program.

We have been a trusted Verizon customer for perhaps 12 or 13 years as Verizon has typically had the best cell phone reception in our neighborhood, which sits in a little valley in the Twin Cities. Half of my house actually gets cellphone reception. Forget about AT&T. You have to walk down the street to get one bar.

So just like any data intensive family, I went to The Google to well, Google. I came across an amazing deal through T-Mobile that if we switched three lines to T-Mobile, the fourth line was free.

And for $120.00 per month, I would receive unlimited calling and texting and six gigabytes of data per line per month.

Of course after we had all the details on T-Mobile, there was no need for us to even consider AT&T or Sprint, so I opted to send the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere a haiku about potentially switching to T-Mobile.

And the funny thing is, he responded. You see, he understands customer service on Twitter and given that he responded, this was just another great example of “How I Measure Social Media ROI: Return on Poetry.”

Therefore, yesterday I went into my closest T-Mobile site and made the switch. While we were setting everything up and being welcomed back to the T-Mobile family like a long-lost relative, I noticed the unlimited data for over 100 streaming partners.


According to T-Mobile’s website, “With T-Mobile you can stream unlimited movies and music from your favorite services while on our network —without getting hit with more data charges. We’ve partnered with over 100 streaming partners to give you more access to the things you love.”

YouTube, check. Netflix, check. Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify. Check, check, check. Hey, with these savings, I can take a bigger part of my paycheck to the bank. And to John Legere, to you I thank.

Lastly, with a coverage extender soon at my house this week, the other half of my house that didn’t have cellphone reception, shouldn’t have any cellphone denigration. The “Un-Carrier” has just made me merrier.