I never thought I’d be in a gang.

You see I was never too cool
To hang with the right group in school.

There were the jocks
with their smelly socks.
There were the nerds
making paper birds.

There were the cheerleaders
secretly smoking heaters.
There were the potheads
singing the Grateful dead.

Yet instead of hanging with my homies
I fell in love with some ponies.
You see back then and today
I’m still a proud Brony.

Secretly I would
escape to Equestria,
For 30 minutes or so
To this magical area.

I’d hang with Twilight Sparkle,
Rainbow Dash and of course Pinkie Pie.
And then Applejack,
Rarity and my fav Fluttershy.

My gang was not one,
not two, but a gang of six.
Many life lessons, for my weekly fix.

Now 30 years later
I chill with them and Netflix.

And then when time to return
to my own reality,
I’d savor my time
with my little ponies.

Today is the first day for National Poetry Writing Month for 2018. Once again I will be utilizing the prompts from NaPoWriMo.net. Today’s prompt is to write a poem based upon a secret shame or a secret pleasure.