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Host A Great Party With A 77″ Class LG OLED TV

77" class LG OLED TV

By on January 25, 2019

With the Super Bowl coming up just around the corner, there will be no better way to watch the Big Game than with the amazing new 77″class LG OLED TV.

But when it comes to BIG, then this TV is what we are really talking about to bring the wow factor to your home or home theatre. 77″ of pure glory right before your eyes.

I mean who doesn’t want to immerse yourself into the game with this unmatched 4K experience. With its gorgeous Ultra HD level picture quality, the 77″ class LG OLED TV will make you feel like you are almost at the game – just minus the hefty ticket price.

Plus, you can’t watch the commercials in the stadium, so yeah, win-win to stay at home and watch this on the TV!

Yet being at the Super Bowl sounds like a great time. However, I prefer to to watch my sports from home. In addition to sports, I love watching movies and TV shows on a big TV screen. Especially with my home theatre system cranking out the surround sound.

77" class LG OLED TV

LG OLED TV Meets Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps you are also like me, you also like to have a connected home. If so, the 77″ class LG OLED TV comes with AI ThinQ® and has the Google Assistant built in. This gives you the ability to control all of your compatible smart home devices by just using your voice.

Totally goes hands-free with your TV by using voice commands to change the volume, search for shows and you can even control your other connected home devices without interrupting what you are watching.

The 77″ class LG OLED TV also works with Amazon Alexa devices and you can also launch apps with your voice such as Netlix, Hulu and many, many more.

Perfect Black Colors and Thin Design

Did you know that the 77″ class LG OLED TV has 8.3 million individually lit pixels? With the AI ThinQ technology, the pixels can brighten, dim or power off completely giving you an amazing level of detail that is impossible on any other television not using this technology.

This black canvas and a voluminous array of colors, the picture on this television is vibrant, bright and is truly a cinematic delight.

If you also don’t have the ability to mount the TV on the wall, you will be shocked at how thin the actual television is. It is sleek and has a slim form factor that will even impress all of your family and friends if it sits on a tabletop.

Not only will you have a great picture and a television with a thin design, but you also get incredible sound with the 77″ class LG OLED TV. With Dolby Atmos®, it will appear as though sound will be coming at you from every single direction. This immersive sound experience makes it seem like you are directly inside what ever you are watching.

Save Up to $500 on Select LG OLED 4K TVs

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