Check Out 3rd Man BBQ for Your Next Party

When it comes to barbecue, I love to think that I am a fledgling pitmaster. Thanks to 3rd Man BBQ, my birthday party turned out awesome.

So what is 3rd Man BBQ? Well let me tell you about my friend Dwayne Sapp.

3rd Man BBQ is an organization (note: this is not a non-profit) who’s ministry is “Helping Feed The Hungry.” Dwayne, who is a real pitmaster, will come to your house or business and provide the smoker.

You can provide the meats or he can provide it for you. But here is the kicker, he will smoke the meats for free.

That’s right. Free. Since Dwayne loves to cook, you just have to reimburse him for the meats and supplies.

Then all you have to do is make a donation of your choice to either HOPE 4 Youth, Threshold to New Life or to a charity of your choice.

You see, 3rd Man BBQ really encompasses three principles:

  1. Dwayne loves to cook;
  2. You and your guests get a great meal; and
  3. A charity gets some much-needed funds.

I call that the perfect trifecta or as some might call it, the Holy Trinity.

In real life, I know Dwayne. He is an amazing man, friend, husband, father and colleague to many people at Atomic Data.

I’ve personally worked with Atomic Data in my real life as an executive. Atomic Data provides safe, simple and smart technology services for small, medium and large organizations.

One of the really cool things that Atomic Data does during the late-spring through early Fall, is provide a a barbecue event for their clients, which they also raise money for a local charity. That’s cool.

After all, we all should give back to those that are in need, as you never know if you might in need yourself.

So yesterday for my birthday party (hint: my birthday is actually on the 27th of July), Dwayne rolled up to our house with his East Texas Barbecue Company smoker.

Even though it was about to rain, Dwayne was ready for the elements.

At about 11:00am, Dwayne fired up the smoker and proceeded to make for myself and our guests pork ribs, chicken, beef sausages, smoked cabbage and jalapeño poppers.

Everything was perfectly prepared for when our guests arrived at 6:00pm.

During my eight or so hours with Dwayne, I learned a fair amount about his Texas upbringing, his Army military career, his family, his love of barbecue and his faith.

You see, to me faith is important. I don’t care what you faith you believe in, I just hope you believe in something.

My 45th birthday party was a tremendous success thanks to Dwayne and 3rd Man BBQ.

In fact, one of our guests also contributed to her charity of choice, based upon Dwayne and his mission. Again, I call that winning.

Lastly, even though I love BBQ, one of my weaknesses is white sheet cake. And don’t you know, having a BBQ birthday cake was so àpropos.

3rd Man BBQ

And there is no debate, yesterday’s leftovers turned out great.