These Are The Apple Watch Travel Apps You Should Use.

For my most recent birthday, I received a black, stainless steel Apple Watch. Although I was at first very apprehensive to start wearing my Apple Watch, it took me about a day before I was really getting used to voice-to-text, as well as the overall functionality. A week in to my newly found appreciation for my Apple Watch, I traveled to Boston and over the past three or so weeks, I have found seven great Apple Watch travel apps that have helped me navigate through an airport, to my hotel and then to find a great restaurant to eat.

There are a couple of airlines, such as Delta and American Air, that have great iPhone apps, of which you also have a corresponding Apple Watch app. For me, given that I travel out of Minneapolis and fly Delta airlines nearly 100% of the time, the Delta app on my iPhone is the first app that I start with when I am flying. All I have to do is download my boarding pass on my iPhone into Passbook. I will then have my Delta boarding pass in my Passbook. To proceed through TSA and onto the plane, simply scan your Apple Watch just like your iPhone. The first time I did this the TSA Pre-Check agent muttered, “Whoa, that’s cool.” Here is a tip for you: loosen up your watch a bit and spin the watch face to the inside of your wrist. By doing so, you will not have to contort your arm like a circus gymnast.

Apple Watch Travel Apps

Once I have made my way through the security line, the next app that I tap is my Starbucks coffee app. Mind you, I already have my Starbucks card loaded into my Passbook, but guess what, I don’t need Passbook! Your digital Starbucks card is displayed in the Apple Watch app and you can quickly see how many “stars” you have and quickly pay for your coffee.

The next app I utilize is my Swarm app, which is a geo-location application that allows you to check-in at various locations and more importantly – become the Mayor of those establishments. I mean, who doesn’t like to say, “I am the Mayor of Gate 22 in Concourse G?” Perhaps one day you can steal that aware from me.

After I land in my new destination, if I have not rented a car, I will open up my Uber app on my Apple Watch and if available, hail an Uber to my hotel or destination. The Uber Apple Watch is a great way to hail an Uber, especially if you are in a populated city. I was able to use the Uber Apple Watch numerous times while traveling in Boston and no debate it was pretty great.

Once I get to my hotel and am hankering for a great place to eat, I will either open up my Foursquare app or my OpenTable app. Both of these Apple Watch apps will give you recommendations for restaurants right around your location, but I tend to use the Foursquare app more as I typically don’t need to make a reservation at the last minute. The functionality of the Foursquare Apple Watch makes it easy to find directions, which brings me to my last Apple Watch app that you should tap: Maps.

The Maps Apple Watch app is one that I really adore. I can quickly speak to Siri to find a location and then toggle back and forth between driving and walking directions. The haptic pulses will tell me when to turn left or right while I am walking or driving, so I don’t need to look at my phone. I’ve seen way too many times where people are walking in a populated city, looking at their Map app and running into people or more dangerously, pickpocketed.

So there you have it and to recap, here are the 7 Apple Watch Travel Apps You Should Tap:

  • Delta (or other airline app)
  • Starbucks
  • Swarm
  • Uber
  • Foursquare
  • OpenTable
  • Maps

I hope one day soon I’ll be able to use my Gogo in-flight WiFi app on my Apple Watch, so I can log-in quickly and start surfing the skies, literarily of course. Over time, I would anticipate that more travel apps would become available for the Apple Watch, which no doubt will help you travel when you are out and about.