If you are an EGG head just like me and can’t wait to get home from work to fire up your Big Green Egg, there are a plethora of accessories available for one to be able to grill or smoke the perfect meal. So for any of the newbie EGG heads that have recently purchased a Big Green Egg or are contemplating purchasing a Big Green Egg, here are the 7 must have accessories that you should own so you can become the BBQ king of the neighborhood.

  1. The convEGGtor (plate setter): This is a must have for any EGG head as this allows you to create indirect heat around your meat. And your fish will taste delish. Please note, mine has been used for nearly two years and the dark soot is actually from smoking and grilling.
  2. Smokeware Stainless Steel Cap: This is one of my latest accessories, as the stainless steel vent is perfect for smoking or grilling in the rain. No more patio umbrellas needed above my EGG.
  3. DigiQ DX2 BBQ Guru: Once I purchased my BBQ Guru, my EGG skills immediately were elevated as I can now set my pit and food temperatures and walk about for many hours. Unfortunately I no longer have an excuse to “monitor” my EGG temperature with an adult beverage. Pick one up here from Amazon
  4. Multi-tiered cooking grid: My latest addition to my Big Green Egg lifestyle is this multi-tiered cooking grid. I’ve tried others in the past for cooking a fair amount of food on my EGG, but this one seems to be my winner winner for chicken dinner
  5. Ash tool: A true necessity for getting out the ashes from the bottom of the Big Green Egg. As I don’t have by EGG sitting in a table, just the nest, I can easily put a garbage can underneath the bottom vent, use the ash tool and do not need an ash pan. Please remove your ashes prior to firing up your EGG for better air flow
  6. Grill grippers: I have two types of grill grippers, one for my ceramic and steel grates, the other for my cast iron cooking grid. The heavier duty cast iron grill gripper has really come in handy when I’ve tried to move the hot cast iron grid to add more smoke chips.
  7. Cast iron cooking grid: Last fall I picked up my cast iron cooking grid as I wasn’t getting the proper sear on my steaks and burgers. Whoa, what a difference the cast iron cooking grid makes. I’ve even convinced myself my meats taste better when grilled on the cast iron cooking grid.

UPDATE: JUNE 2018 – Not a lot has really changed with my accessories that I have purchased over the years. One of my latest accessories is the Trompo King which is a really cool accessory for stacking your meat.

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