When it comes to being a foodie in the kitchen or out on the deck, I’m always looking to make sure that I have the right cooking utensils, pots or pans, so I only have to worry about the taste of my food, versus how it is that I am going to cook my food. Thankfully our kitchen is stocked with a plethora of pots and pans, as well as kitchen gadgets for nearly any type of meal we are about to tackle.

One of my more recent kitchen gadgets I’m obsessed with a bit is a cherry pit remover which will be perfect for me once I start to make my cherry, blueberry almond cobbler in my Big Green Egg. I know you’re thinking to yourself, “Isn’t the Big Green Egg just for smoking and grilling meat and fish?” The quick answer is “No.” The long answer is, “It depends.” What I mean by it depends is that in order to cook or bake pizza, cobblers, bread and other types of desserts in the Big Green Egg, you must make sure that you don’t have any leftover wood materials within the charcoal from the most previous meat smoking adventure. Otherwise, you might get a smoky cobbler (guilty as charged).

Although I might go a little bit overboard in my Big Green Egg accessories, within the kitchen we’ve always searched for quality pots, pans and gadgets, but at a reasonable price. Yes we’ve had some expensive kitchen equipment, but one of our favorite set of pots is a stainless steel set from Ikea. They are perfect for boiling eggs, making a soup or simply eating a bowl of cereal (yes, I’ve done that before, but see this post for an explanation).

However, when it comes to frying pans, I’ve never been quite able to get my perfect flying pan. But thanks to my friends at Frieling, they were kind enough to send to me their 9 1/2 inch, stainless, non-stick fry pan, appropriately named The Black Cube. The reason why the Black Cube Fry Pan gets its name is from a its high-performance, extremely durable, exclusive textured service (boy, that’s a mouthful). The exclusive, patent pending textured service looks almost like a honeycomb of a beehive, but imagine yourself having the ability to use this revolutionary, scratch resistant fry pan that you can use metal utensils while trying to fry up your favorite meal.

Yes you read this correctly. The Black Cube Fry Pan is the best of both worlds: Stainless Steel and Non-stick, but I’d throw in a third world and say Scratch Resistant. If you’re just like me, you’ve no doubt had to go through multiple fry pans over your cooking years where the pan might have gotten browned from an irregular heat pattern depending on your cooking source or you may have “accidentally” scratched your fry pan when you couldn’t wait to try the chicken you were frying and you used a knife and fork right in the fry pan. Yes, these both happened to me, amongst a host of other kitchen fry pan maladies.

So far we’ve been very impressed with The Black Cube Fry Pan as we’ve easily made omelettes, including using a metal spatula, fried up some left over. Yet I’m really looking forward to making a vegetable fritatta this weekend and throwing the Black Cube Fry Pan into the oven. I’ve no doubts, that I’ll pout.

So when it comes to frying, I wouldn’t be lying, but here are the 7 Great Fact About The Black Cube Fry Pan that will make your cooking in demand:

  • Browns without sticking
  • 100% scratch resistant
  • 3-ply construction (stainless steel on the bottom, aluminum in the middle and stainless steel on the top)
  • PFOA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 450ºF
  • Safe for all cooktops, including induction.

In addition to the 9 1/2 inch fry pan, the Black Cube series from Frieling is available in an 8 inch or 11 inch fry pan, as well as a 12 1/2 inch Wok. There you have it, you can buy one here too, so here’s my review in haiku:

Great combination.
Stainless steel non-stick combined.
We’re the Perfect Pair.