Well folks, I did it. I somehow managed to overcome my fears of heading into the Lifetime Fitness yoga studio for two weeks in a row. As mentioned in my post last week, Dear Yoginis: I am Sorry, in the past five years I had managed to try yoga only a handful of times, but two weeks in a row? Yep, maybe I’ve been converted. Unlike last week, I didn’t have an intense ten minute pre-workout because I didn’t want to pass out in the hot yoga studio. Instead I opted for a leisurely five-minute stroll on the treadmill. I then made sure I had a full bottle of water, as last week I ran out. I also made sure I had not one, but two towels to wipe up my sweat. Please note, I said sweat, not tears this week.

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As I entered the yoga studio I was surprisingly calm, not nervous or slightly agitated like the week before. We started our warm up and slowly progressed into a series of movements and before I knew it, I was in happy baby pose. Yes I was still thinking, “Please don’t fart, please don’t fart.” I can proudly report, my yoga mat was a fatulence free zone. Bonus. As I mind drifted off, I suddenly heard Namaste and the class was over. Not missing another chance to say “Mariska Hargitay,” I uttered these two words, wiped off our mat and then I realized that I managed to spend a lot less time crying like a baby and actually started to “get” the concept of yoga.

In ancient times, yoga was a combination of mind, body and spirit whereas it wasn’t so much about the exercise component, but the whole body. Yes I don’t understand 90% of the words and moves, but just like learning any new language the more times you practice the better you become. In fact, I was proud of myself. Not just for finishing this class, but for spending a lot less time on the yoga mat curled up in the fetal position.

Afterwards as I headed to one of our local favorite breakfast restaurants, Shish Cafe, I began thinking bout the history of yoga, the poster of “100 Yoga Poses” and what it takes to become a yoga master. For me, I now understand a little more about the “Yo ho ho, it’s the yoga life for me.” Or maybe that phrase was for pirates. Either way, it seems apropos.

As I reflected on my now second consecutive week of feeling amazing post-yoga, I wanted to tell you about rise seven amazing moves that perhaps you may want to try today.

  • Downward dog
  • Chatarunga
  • Pigeon
  • Dancer
  • Fierce
  • Airplane
  • Figure four

All seven of these yoga moves we completed in various forms yesterday and each one helped me with either my core strength, my flexibility and my balance. There is no debate, I feel great and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been converted, please give yoga a try.