When it comes to travel, I can honestly say I have traveled a lot over the last 15 years. In fact, I am a Diamond Elite member on Delta Airlines, an avid user of Gogo in-flight WiFi, and am a stones throw away from amassing two million air miles flown on Delta alone. Yikes. My travels have taken me from Minnesota to Malaysia from Mexico to China. With all of this flying, boy my arms are tired.

When I was younger, my first flight when I was 14 years old and I would never have imagined I would have traveled this much. I’ve stayed in some amazing hotels and some cruddy hotels I’d never return to again. I’ve had more flights delayed than I can count on my aging fingers and toes. Amazingly I’ve only had one flight cancelled entirely while I was in an airport, yet I’ll avoid O’Hare Airport in Chicago like the plague.

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So when I travel I always have a travel bag or backpack full of all of the electronics and/or accessories that I can’t travel without. Even in my non-poetic profession, I prefer to travel with a backpack versus a briefcase style travel bag. Personally for me, the backpack actually relieves some shoulder pain as I tend to overstuff my travel bag.

Over the year or so, my very reliable backpack is from Tumi. This was my second Tumi backpack as the first one zipper stitching kept on ripping as a result of my over stuffing. Thankfully Tumi has an amazing repair/replace policy, so I was able to upgrade to my current backpack without the shock of dropping another $300 on a backpack (yes, that was not a typo).

There have been many electronic and travel accessories purchased over the years, but here are the “7 Must Have Travel Items” currently in my backpack:

  1. Portable power: Too many times I’ve been writing (okay tweeting) or sending work emails on my iPhone, only to run out of power. Ugh.
  2. Pens: I carry way too many pens, but just like today, as you never known when you’ll have to fill out a customs form. I just become the most popular person in row 14 as I was the only person with a pen.
  3. Power cords: It’s great if you have power packs, but if you don’t have power cords to connect to your electronic devices, you’re kind of s.o.l. I make sure I always carry one more than I need just in case your seat mate (or lads in my case) needs some extra juice.
  4. Headphones: A definite must have for any travel that doesn’t want to talk to anyone or drown out the noise of the person snoring behind you. Yes, gentleman in 15B I’m talking about you. My current headphones I adore are the Jaybird BlueBuds X. The sound is great and I can’t hear anyone snoring, unless of course that’s me.
  5. iPad or other tablet: Electronic tablets are great for watching movies, playing a game or being connected to the internet or work. My current choice of tablets is an iPad mini with retina display, couples with a Zagg Logitech bluetooth keyboard.
  6. Lip balm: Planes, trains and automobiles can sap the humidity out of your skin. Drink plenty of water before your flight and having some lip balm in your travel bag may just prevent you feeling like a dried prune once you’ve reached your destination. My current lip balm is the from Eos. Yes, I’m fancy.
  7. Computer: Now I know what you’re thinking, “If he travels with an iPad or tablet, why would he need a computer?” Plain and simple, I take a fair amount of photos and my computer allows me to download them onto my 15 inch MacBook Pro. Also, do you know hard it was to write this post on my iPhone? My computer will help me edit, format and place pictures into this post once I’m at the hotel.

While I still have other items in my backpack, while I still travel about, these are the 7 Must Have Travel Items, I can’t live without.