Earlier today I was listening to a local radio station, 101.3 KDWB. I love the Dave Ryan in the Morning radio show and have interacted a fair amount on Twitter with Dave Ryan, Falen Bonsett and Steve-O LaTart. On the show this morning, they were talking about “7 Words That Women Hate” and while I was chuckling at some of the words, such as squirt and moist, it made me think a bit more about the “7 Things I Hate.” For me, even using the word “hate” is hateful, as there are many things or people I don’t like, but hate? Yep, therefore without further ado, here are the “7 Things That I Hate.”

  • Tomatoes: My hatred for tomatoes began as child when I was forced to eat a lot of tomatoes. In fact, I developed a slight food allergy to lecithin, but if cooked, lecithin becomes denatured (fancy word for chemically broken down) and I’m okay to eat. I love ketchup, salsa and pizza sauce, but if you give me a raw tomato with a slimy seed, then I will gag. Thankfully my parents granted me one exemption and I chose tomatoes, but had to eat all other vegetables. Cucumbers are a close second.
  • Liars: This one is self-explanatory, but you know when you meet someone and they say that they never lie? Well, they are lying. I lie to myself everyday as I write as a fictitious character, yet everything I write about is 100% true, just under a different name. Most people are smart enough to know whether we are lying and white lies to protect others or yourself are sometimes okay, just don’t lie to me about it.
  • Trolls: I’m not talking about those fictitious, hairy looking monsters sitting underneath a mossy bridge, I’m talking about “Internet Trolls.” You know, the ones that sit behind the keyboards spewing hatred all the time. I mean, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thank goodness we have block buttons on social media. I blocked a troll earlier today on Periscope when he called my dog ugly. Do you think he’s ugly? I mean Charlie has feelings too.
The Product Poet, company, 7 Things I Hate

  • Cheaters: I’m not talking about those unfaithful people that cheat on their spouses (which I’d never condone), I’m talking about those that cheat in games. Been there done that. In fact, I even cheated earlier today on a Words with Friends Game. I was down to one letter, a dreaded “V” and didn’t know if I could play it. Open up my EZ Cheats app and voil√†, I could. It didn’t affect the outcome of the game, since I was ahead by a wide margin, yet if you are going to cheat on me in a game, don’t make it so obivous. XQUGDFTS is not a word that you can play for 120 points.
  • Horseradish: Even though I love sushi, if you get any wasabi near my plate or gawd forbid touch my sushi, then I might as well call it a night. I’ve never been able to stomach this pungent food, not even when it is in an infused vodka. Well okay, maybe then I might be fine.
  • Gas Grills: For so many years I was a “Gasser” until I discovered the world of Big Green Egg’ing, I don’t even want to go near a gas grill ever again as I will pretty much only use charcoal to cook my food, vegetables and fish. It really is quite delish.
  • Religous pundits: We’ve all seen these people and in-fact I have some close to me. You know, they are the person who always acts pious in their religion then has multiple infidelities. They are the type of person who will quote scripture, then take money out of your wallet. A smart rabbi once told me, “I don’t care what you believe, just believe in something.” In the end, none of us know what our future holds, so just because we believe in something different, doesn’t mean we are both right or wrong for that matter.

So there you have it, here are my 7 Things I Hate. Now let’s start the debate.