As I was just about to tweet out my latest picture of my Jimmy John’s awesome lunch, I noticed that in Twitter‘s iOS application, it has replaced its photo filters with eight new filters.

Gone are filters such as Warm, Cool, 1963 and Vignette (my fav), instead we now have Radiant, Positive, Warm, Breeze, Glow, Golden, Fame and Stark. Interestingly enough, a sepia filter (that cool looking brown tone) is missing from the new collection of photo filters.

Now I mainly shoot all of my photos with the Hipstamic application, so Twitter photo filters are not all that imperative to me, but where I mainly use the Twitter photo filter is as a secondary filter before posting on Twitter.

There are a wide variety of applications on can use for editing and filtering photos, but I thought I would show you exactly what each of Twitter’s new eight photo filters look on my rather lovely lunch. The photo filter selection is very Instagram-like and I’m perfectly okay with that similarity.

First, here is my photo without any Twitter photo filter:


Now here are the remaining photos with the eight new Twitter photo filters:

  1. Radiant
  2. Positive

3. Warm

  1. Breeze
  2. Glow
  3. Golden
  4. Fame
  5. Stark

Right now, I’d have to say I’m going to miss a couple of the previous photo filters, but I’m willing to give these photo filters a shot. Get it, a shot.

How about you? Will you miss the old Twitter photo filters? Let me know, if you’ll love Glow.