A is for Apple
But not for Macintosh, but the apple that’s
Crunchy, juicy and
E is for Elephant, the one I
Find in my room, pink not
Green, but always waiting and
I is for I, me and myself, always
Joking, although I’m
Krying inside
Looking and searching for
Me, the real me
Not the façade I show
On the outside, looking in.
Perhaps my real
Quest should be to stop
Realizing that my
Search shall never end and embrace
Today, tomorrow and yesterday as
Underneath my
Vampire shaded skin, lies the heart of a
Woman, but the soul of a Man, not the
Xenophobe trying to keep
You out, like the shaded stripes of a
Zebra, remaining camouflaged.

Today’s National Poetry Writing Month prompt was to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. I chose to write a poem starting each line with a letter of the alphabet versus just one word in each line. I’ve used this structure before and I absolutely adore using this structure. Photo source here.