There have been many times when I have walked through a mall or an art fair, where I have seen various forms of pictures that resemble letters spelled into words. When these pictures are put together, you can often create a word and your very own “Alphabet Photography.”

In fact, there is “The Original Alphabet Photography” which recently reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in learning more about their product in exchange for my very own personal creation. While these opinions are certainly my own, the process of ordering my original “Alphabet Photography” creation was incredibly easy via their website.

The Original Alphabet Photography has been featured on CNN, The View, ABC News and many other media outlets. Prince Charles has even accepted the Official Alphabet Photography as a wedding gift for Prince William and Kate Middleton, which to me is a testament to the fine quality that you too can experience from the Original Alphabet Photography. Even Ryan Seacrest agrees with me when he stated, “I have one. You will love it!”

As you can see in the below video, the process can take just a matter of minutes. First you simply have to type in your word. For me, I chose the word “poetry” in my example, because hey, I’m a poet and I know it. After I typed in my selected word, all I had to do was click my enter key or move my mouse to click “Create My Word” and in a matter of seconds, my alphabet art was created with letter photos.

Should you decided that you do not like the photos selected for you, simply click on the letters and voil√†, you have many more letter photos to choose from. Ultimately when I created “poetry” I swapped out the R, T and Y letter photos to find just the perfect combination of alphabet art. You will find that within the letter art industry, Alphabet Photography boasts the largest collection of photographs collected from around the word. Whether you need an “A” that looks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or an “O” from a merry-go-round in London, you will certainly be able to find an unsurpassed collection of alphabet art to make your creation spectacular.

Once you have settled in on your alphabet art, you then have the ability to choose from five different framing options ranging from a solid black wood frame with soft white mat for $99.00, all the way to a chocolate-colored wood frame with double mat and v-groove for $159.99. Please note that framing options are only available for 3 to 9 letter words, but should you want to do your own framing, you can select a 12-letter word and get personal sepia tone prints for $5.00 a piece. I call that a bargain!

Once you have selected your frame, all you have to do is go on to the payment section and you will be done. My whole ordering process took me about three minutes and I had the ability to pay with PayPal, my Visa Card or Mastercard. And even though Alphabet Photography is based out of the Niagra Falls region of Ontario Canada, shipping was only $15.00.

Now for my order that I received complementary from Alphabet Photography, I chose my last name because I wanted to surprise my parents this holiday season with a perfect gift. Once my order was placed, in about one week I had my perfectly framed, alphabet art from Alphabet Photography. I can’t wait to see the smiles on my parents faces when they open up their gift this holiday season. Alphabet Photography has the perfect style, to make anyone smile.

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