An Ode to John Stith “Doc” Pemberton

Eighteen Thirty One
A wonderful year;
On a hot Georgian night
The Doc did premier.

An unshaven lad
Without a cool stash;
A Colonel he’d be
Until a bad gash.

A druggist he would become
Coca wine he would then mix;
Pemberton’s French Wine Coca
The Georgians’ became transfixed.

Then along came Frank Robinson
Not the famous baseball player;
The Coca-Cola name was born
Despite the many naysayers.

With a new partner
Asa Griggs Candler;
Legends they’d become
With their Coke sampler.

A concoction quite accidental
Mixing syrup and carbonation;
Became the buzz talk of all Georgians
Coca-Cola their new temptation.

Sadly though, in Eighty Eight
On a hot Georgian night;
A man many did not know
Could not continue his plight.

But this year, Two Thousand & Thirteen
Marks One Hundred Twenty Five years;
So to you John Stith “Doc” Pemberton:
My Coke…
…My smile…
……My heartfelt cheers.