Underneath the twinkling white stars
I stood motionless like a tree,
struck by the thunderous rainfall

of the gunslinger’s epitaph.
Cut like a knife ~ words bulletized,
a cozy reminder of faith

like a bed of fresh-cut flowers
a husband buys for his wife.
At this moment I don’t feel big,

I feel as small as a ticket
torn in half and slightly crumpled,
discarded after a movie.

There are always two sides to a story
one can be happy one can be gory.

Authors note: When seeking inspiration for a new poem, I will often ask my Twitter followers for three words to help my creative through process. I received some great words which I included in this poem were: the, white, cozy, bed, asymetric, tree, wife, twinkling, thunderous, big, ticket and gunslinger. Give these great people a follow on Twitter by just clicking on each of their Twitter handles here: @MummyLion, @elisa_c_poetry and @DaveOstlund.