To Me:

Over six months since I have written anything on my website.
Perhaps tonight I should write.

Perhaps I’ve been feeling uninspired.
Perhaps I was just tired.

Perhaps it was a job coming to an end.
Perhaps it was me who needed to mend.

My fingers they’ve been hurting.
My mind not nurturing.

Alas it was writing that helped to set me free.
Writing was what comforted me.

Words flowing.
Words all-knowing.

Time for a rhyme?
Time for a haiku?
Perhaps a couplet too?

I’m sorry that I haven’t written
As for words I am quite smitten.

So on my paper goes words of lead.
Now flowing out from my cramped head.

So here’s to a new sheet of paper.
So here’s to a new stick of graphite.
Time to let the words flow.
Time to let the words go.

So sorry for the long delay.
I’ll write back to you in one day.

Until that time
Here’s a rhyme:

Whatever you do
I’ll always love you.



April is National Poetry Writing Month and I have participated in this for the past three or four years; however this year I have been slacking a bit. If you are looking for some great writing prompts for National Poetry Writing Month, please visit I’ve used the prompts for many years.