A Valentine’s Day Poem for Bazooka Candy.

Nineteen forty seven
‘Twas a very good year,
A new candy was born
The world let out a cheer.

Without an introduction
Or limited production,
The world came to know
Our Bazooka Joe.

In Nineteen Fifty Three
The world did laugh with glee,
With great comic strips
Of short pithy quips.

Over sixty five years
Have come and gone by,
You’re still my Topps
Bubble gum I’ll buy.

But alas, this is a Love poem,
So you are always welcome
In The Product Poet’s home.

So for me it’s Bazooka Candy
Your gum and Ring Pops are oh, so dandy,
And this Valentine’s Day, I do know
It’s Bazooka, I’ll suck or I’ll blow.

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