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One Nation Under God

We Live In A Complex Nation The birch and the bees. Walk through our garden of life. One poly-nation. This haiku was for the Baffled Haiku Challenge on Twitter, where... Read More

For My Love Mercedes

I Miss My Girl Mercedes The salt washed away. In the sun she’s glistening. My girl Mercedes. I wrote this haiku in August of 2014, as a series of “haiku... Read More

A Muggy Day

Today Was a Bit Muggy in Minneapolis A muggy morning. In the bush a thief’s laying. A heart is stolen.... Read More

City Life

Minneapolis Is An Amazing City I love my city. Day & night or black & white. Minneapolis.... Read More

Page Turner: Poem of The Day

Today’s Poem of The Day: Words are just like paint. Paper is just like canvas. Both paint a picture. © The Product Poet ?... Read More

Day 8: NaPoWriMo – The Iris

Bewildered iris. Rather epithelial. The eyes can’t smell fear. The prompt for Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month was to write a poem about a flower. As I always love... Read More

Day 5: NaPoWriMo – A Seed By Any Other Name

I gaze in your maize and smell your inflorescence. You’re my Obsession. For Day 5 of National Poetry Writing Month, the prompt is to spend some time taking a look... Read More

A Plush Carpet

A blanket of snow. My memories carpeted. Fall leaves discovered. This haiku was in response to the Baffled Haiku Challenge on Twitter where the challenge word of the day is... Read More

Rage Inside The Glass

Rage is like a light. Constantly burning inside. Through the looking glass. This haiku was in response to a tweet that that I received from Haiku Hare: Do not go... Read More

Today’s Fill

Fill me up with words. Caress my tattered pages. Please tickle my spine.... Read More