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Winter’s First Day

Ice upon the pond. The sounds of frolicking swans. Frozen memories.... Read More

The Ripple Effect

The chill in the air. Upon myself reflecting. A ripple effect.... Read More

The Woods

Today’s reflection: At times I’m lost in the woods. Literarily.... Read More

Birth Of Nightmares

Where nightmares are born. The dark corners of my mind. Only grey matters.... Read More

A Collide I Scope

Clouds and sky collide. My sun is somewhere dancing. The rain is crying.... Read More

To Reflect

Deflect or reflect? Internal or external. The same perspective.... Read More

Ode to Copper Dome

Randolph and Hamline. Copper Dome now continues. Tommy C’s Griddle.... Read More

Just be KIND

What will the day bring? Life is full of excitement. Please do a KIND thing.... Read More

Layers Upon Layers

A birch amongst trees. Peeling away dead layers. Many years survived.... Read More

Wind Between My Ears

In the wind I sway. A woodpecker is pecking. Searching for breakfast.... Read More