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Dear You: A Love Letter

Dear You, You don’t believe me when I say, “You are a beautiful person.” You don’t see the smiles each day You bring to all those around You. You don’t... Read More

The Path of Righteousness

The fork, spoon feeding knife-like sharp words. Cutting a new path for today.... Read More

My Fears Pushed Below

Below are my fears so far away. I push them down inside my mind.... Read More

Through My Darkness

I peer through darkness, scared of shadows. The least resistant path I take.... Read More

The Big Event

Tonight a gala event awaits. Let’s celebrate fifty more years.... Read More

Down The Line

A game of inches separates men. In life we are foul or fair.... Read More

The Hail Marri

The king of the Court. Let’s throw a hail Marriott. Greatness Hall of Fame.... Read More

I Love My School – Student Poetry Contest

Yesterday morning I was dropping off my youngest lad and snapped a few pictures of the school. As usual, I quickly penned a quick rhyme, figured out the Twitter handle... Read More

The Greatest Game Ever

It’s not just a game. It’s a game where dreams are made. All bases covered.... Read More

Poetry: An Acrostic Poem

Today for National Poetry Writing Month, I decided to deviate from a prompt and simply write an acrostic poem about poetry: Please Once Everyday Try to Right Yourself a wrong.... Read More