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The Fresh Snow

My snow has fallen. A path being created. A new woodpecker. A doe hops in the bushes. I'm in awe of her beauty.... ... Read More

Get Up!

Unlike a leaf, if you've fallen you can still get up.... ... Read More

I’m Addicted To Socks

I am taking a few baby steps. I am addicted to hot sox.... ... Read More

My nascent, parsimonious Summer.

Each Summer morning, nascent words I skim. Letters are budding, sentences forming. Through my parsimony, papers I've trimmed for digital words, I have never heard. Across my phone screen my thumbs are flicking, all the while longing for ink stained fingers, resorting... Read More

Strength, Honor, Wisdom

Today needed you to carry me. You gave me strength to move on. Today an honor to have met you. Your three words, gave me my courage. Today your wisdom brightly did shine. Passed on knowledge, I was seeking. Your strength, honor and wisdom, three qualities... Read More

Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

Someday I hope to be free. Free from my logo Free from my anonymity. Somewhere I hope to meet you. In a warm café Over a cup of hot coffee. Somehow We know each other. You're an open book Together we'll... Read More

My Solitary

I am not that cool Nor too cool to rap. As my four digits are tapping a wood top at a local bar. I scan the large room Two girls start laughing A man talks to... Read More

I’m Falling

My thoughts are cascading rapidly flowing down a small crevice of my mind to a cape I'm wearing named Fear.... ... Read More

Behind my secret eyes, I gently weep.

Behind my secret eyes is a child who struggled with a cognitive disorder, always believing that perfection was always less than being perfect. Behind my secret eyes is a teenager who... Read More

My Road To Recovery

My road began In March of 2009 I felt a searing pain in my right hip Alas I loaded additional weight. I went downhill One by one by two Minutes added to my journey Not knowing what... Read More