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I’m Falling Down

The colors of Death are fading away.... ... Read More

I Am What I Am: An Anaphora Poem

I am a son I am a brother I am a father. I am what you want me to be. I am learning I am yearning I am earning. I am what you want me to be. I... Read More

An Anaphora Poem: A Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet poetry prompt is to write an Anaphora poem. An Anaphora poem is an awesome structure in which several lines, stanzas or sentences all start with the same... Read More

Green With Envy

Dawn pecked me a kiss, whispering in my ear, "Good morning, sunshine." ... ... Read More

Oh Sweet Georgic: A Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet Poetry Prompt is to write a Georgic poem, which is a poem about life in the country, often times used to describe farming or farm life. Kentucky poet... Read More


I spy, with my eye, there is WiFi. She is free on the land, so WiFly? There's no love connection, so WiTry? Complain I never do, so WiCry? 12 dollars for what, so WiBuy? They... Read More

The Nashers – A Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet's Poetry Prompt is to write Nashers, which is is a light-verse poem, invented by one of my favorite poets, Ogden Nash. Many of Nash's poems were also... Read More

My Fear

The alarm bells do ring, face struck with precision Not every hour, an escape route to plan With each passing second, difficult decisions For me the bell does toll, the horizon I scan. To... Read More

The Sky

I am sitting in 1C, waiting for the thrust of the Rolls Royce engines to propel me forward. I firmly clutch the faded gray, faux leather armrest with my left... Read More

Dawn By The Sea

Dawn by the Sea I find my feelings jumping You, me makes we. Two beating hearts are thumping. Skipping stones of lime My frozen tears are flowing Couplets filled with rhyme My eyes and smile glowing. Dawn by... Read More