The Buried Empire

The Lost Empire of The Terracotta Army Standing in silence. An emperor’s empire. Cast terracotta. The haiku today was in response to the Baffled daily haiku challenge on Twitter. The challenge word is empire. I took the picture while on a business trip to China. This is an image of the unearthed Terracotta Army, which… Continue reading The Buried Empire

Love and Honor

It is not everyday that you make a big decision.
I remember the day that you were born into this world,
nearly eighteen years later we are setting you free.

Yes I am scared to let you leave the comfort of our home.
Yes I am sad that I won’t be able to see you each day.
Yes I am terrified you’ll make the…

My Dearest Leo

I am cloaked in darkness
your warmth embraces me,
though you were slain in vain
you burn bright in the sky.

You guide me by your name
a month-long fight on Main,
killed was your destiny
the quest of Hercules.

I cannot hide from you
for your hide protects me,
influencing my thoughts
I’m waxing and waning.

You’re my badge of honor,
a prized…

My Horse Bessie

Within my hands
I gently caress and reign you in,
steering you left and often right.

Your mane, flowing
in the wind I feed you corn,
while your heart beats rhythmically

to a new tune
long-since whistled by frail Cowboys
that sat in your sun stained saddle.

I press my spurs
forcing you to accelerate
against your will down unpaved trails,

you become dusty…

An Anaphora Poem: A Poetry Prompt

Today’s The Product Poet poetry prompt is to write an Anaphora poem.

An Anaphora poem is an awesome structure in which several lines, stanzas or sentences all start with the same word or phrase.

Here are some examples of Anaphora poems. It’s one of my favorite structures for writing poetry.

Happy writing!…

Oh Sweet Georgic: A Poetry Prompt

Today’s The Product Poet¬†Poetry Prompt is to write a Georgic poem, which is a poem about life in the country, often times used to describe farming or farm life.

Kentucky poet Wendell Berry has written many great Georgic poems throughout the years.

Don’t worry about structure, just pick one that works for you as a writer. The most important thing, just keep on writing.



I spy, with my eye, there is WiFi.
She is free on the land, so WiFly?
There’s no love connection, so WiTry?
Complain I never do, so WiCry?
12 dollars for what, so WiBuy?
They gotcha by CAPTCHA, so WiLie?
Surveillance in the air, so WiSpy?
My plane is landing, so now WiBye.

Contributor’s note: The above poem is considered to be a Nashers…

The Nashers – A Poetry Prompt

Today’s The Product Poet’s Poetry Prompt is to write Nashers, which is is a light-verse poem, invented by one of my favorite poets, Ogden Nash.

Many of Nash’s poems were also considered to be wrenched poems, in which the poet forced words to somehow fit into other rhyming schemes.

For example, here is a couplet from Nash’s Kindly Unhitch that Star, Buddy:

Some people…