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Dear Maavi: I wrote this poem for you.

Dearest Maavi, I know you, You’re just like me. In times of despair, We scream, “Fuck you, World.” As we’re the tortoises, We’re never the hare. Maavi, I know you, You’re just like me. Words are our conviction, We still... Read More

50 Shades of Cinn. (An Ode to Cinnabon)

"Hi, I'm Cinnamon." My eyes transfixed by her buns. Thoughts of icing licked. We met at the Mall. Hoping I could take her home. I gazed at her glaze. She's warm to the touch. Tasting like sugar... Read More

Dear Twitter

I'm having a much better @Twitter day than yesterday.As a follow from yesterday’s post, I’m having a bad Twitter day, it appears that calm and order have been restored to... Read More

I’m Having A Bad Twitter Day

Oh where, oh where, have my followers gone, oh where, oh where can they be?I’m having a bad day.It started off with a slightly pinched nerve, followed by having to... Read More