I like to say
“I am rich with words
but poor with money,”
as my currency
is measured in likes,
favorites and retweets.

I like to say
“I’d die a rich man,”
but my generosity
overshadows my fiscal

I like to say
“Find a dime, you shall shine but
Lose a nickel, I’m in a pickle.”
As numbers I crunch,
just like bought pickles,
my time soaked in brine.

I like to say
“A penny saved is a penny earned.”
This lesson I never learned
as money burns a hole in my pocket
Singeing my thrift shops jeans.

Pennies pinched
dollars squeezed,
is change not inevitable?

I’d like to say,
“Money buys happiness.”
But I’ve never seen happy
for sale at the Five-and-Dime.

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Today’s National Poetry Writing Month prompt for Day 7 was to write a money based poem.