Charity Miles Helps Bring Smiles

When it comes to walking, biking or running, did you know that by using the Charity Miles app, you can earn money for charities?

You see, I am always looking for easy ways to give back to charity by doing every day activities. And with Charity Miles, I am easily able to select one of 40 different charities to support on my daily runs.

But it wasn’t until recently, that I heard of Charity Miles. And I noticed them because they had recently interacted with one of my running tweets.

So after a quick download on my iPhone (hint: download the iOS version here and Android version here), the registration process is quite simple.

Once you log into the app, the first step would be to select a charity and get moving.

Charity Miles

For me, the three charities that have most recently chosen are Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer and ASPCA. All three of these charities have some special meaning for me.

However, you should be able to find one of the 40 charities that should have some meaning for you or your family.

One you have selected your charity, you will then select you activity. You can either choose an Outdoor Walk/Run, and Indoor Walk/Run or an Outdoor Bike. Both the Outdoor Walk/Run or Bike use your GPS settings for accurate distance readings, so make sure you’ve enabled this function.

Charity Miles

For me, I almost exclusively run on a treadmill, so I have to use the Indoor Walk/Run setting. Now this can be a little tricky for measuring distances, so make sure that you are either holding your phone in your hand (yeah, I know that isn’t the best) or you’ve got your phone somewhere on your body.

Make sure you have also enabled the Motion and Fitness settings on your iPhone so that the app can use the accelerometer within the device to measure your distance. If you put your phone on the treadmill, your distance will not be able to be measured.

Once you select your activity then you will notice that you are being sponsored by a corporate sponsor. For me, I’ve been sponsored by Humana, which is really pretty cool.

Charity Miles, Humana

To date, those that have been using Charity Miles have earned $170,988 for Feeding America all for simply exercising. That to me is a win-win-win while we get thin-thin-thin.

Charity Miles

And once your run is over, you can also “Donate A Photo” to your cause showing you post-workout. This additional form of doing good was sponsored by Johnson and Johnson.

For me, the only thing I would like a little better with Charity Miles would perhaps be an integration with Nike Running, especially for indoor treadmill runs.

For example, today I ran a 5k, registering 3.11 miles on my Nike Running app, but only 0.76 miles were registered on Charity Miles. Otherwise, on the other days I ran using the Nike Running app, they distance measured on the Charity Miles app was within 10% of the Nike Running app.

But overall, I’ve been very pleased and excited to be exercising with a cause and a purpose. And I know by using Charity Miles, I can help support a wide variety of charities.

This just makes me smile knowing that my exercising is now even more worthwhile.

Charity Miles

Find out more information about Charity Miles by visiting their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter here, like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram here.