I recently became aware of a very cool, children’s shoe and apparel company out of Dallas, Texas called Chooze Shoes.

What makes Chooze Shoes a very fascinating company is their belief that creativity and confidence are two of the most important qualities that we as parents can instill in our children. These two viritues have directly translated in to a very unique, yet adorable, combination of mis-matching the design of Chooze Shoes apparel to create two distinct, yet perfectly-paired alternatives.

I don’t know about you, but there are many times as an adult that I would love to express my individuality by “accidentally” wearing a brown loafer on my left foot and a matching black loafer on my right. Or I would occasionally wear mis-matched patterned socks. This mis-matching was a perfect conversation starter for people wondering why I was wearing opposite, yet similar shoes and socks.

Recently I had to the opportunity to catch up with the Chief Choozer herself, Sharon Blumberg, and her husband, Marc Blumberg, CEO, to hear their story of their daughter who at a young age would mix-and-match a flip flop with a sneaker. Or perhaps it was a hightop with a loafer. Whereas the first impression as a parent might have been, “Put on the correct shoes,” instead they embraced their daughters creativity and noticed how more confident she became at school. The light bulb in Sharon’s head suddenly went off and away she went to buy a bunch of white sneakers so that she could paint cool, albeit different, designs on the left and right shoes. The more her daughter wore these hip, new shoes, the more complimentary comments she, Sharon and Marc received, which ultimately led to Chooze Shoes being birthed in 2011.

With increased demand, came more products. With more products, came more demands on a growing family. The Blumberg’s learned about on-line and in-store distribution and manufacturing, public relations and of course, social-media. Due to a fair amount of grit and determination over the past four years, you can currently find Chooze Shoes in about 500 stores and on-line at retailers such Nordstrom’s and Zappos. You may have even seen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh sporting a pair of camo Chooze Shoes. To me, this is a great story that needs to be told.

In addition to children’s shoes, Chooze Shoes also has some women’s products available, but is in the process of launching some great, new products here in 2015, such as a multi-designed backpack and lunchbox. The backpack has reversible straps so instead of buying two different backpacks with different designs, simply reverse the straps and your child has an alternative backpack for the day. Heck, even I would use this as an adult!


I also thought I’d give you a sneak peak at the new leggings that are going to be available here in 2015 for children. Appropriately labeled, “I Chooze To Be Me,” Chooze Shoes continues to harness the creativity inside each and every one of us with these colorful and inspiring leggings. From where I sit, these look to be a hit.


Lastly, in keeping true to one of my personal missions of finding companies that “Do Good” for others, I was also drawn to Chooze Shoes as all of their annual profits are investment in anti-poverty programs as a Good Returns company. Giving back to those in need, is an admirable great deed.


Lastly, one of my favorite songs on the radio right now is a song by Echosmith, titled Cool Kids. My favorite line within the lyrics is: “I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ’cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.”

For me I wish I could be like the cool kids, ’cause all the cool kids choose Chooze Shoes.

You can find Chooze Shoes by visiting their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter here, like them on Facebook here, follow them on Instagram here and Pinterest here.