My dearest Paige,

It has been one day, since I last saw you
and held you in my weathered hands.
But each moment we’re apart
I feel I’m trapped in wet quicksand.

As you, Paige, are my “Song of Despair.”
As “in you…everything sank.”
Sank into you – my love.
My pain – sank into you.

You have wiped tears from my face
while erasing my pain.
When no one else cared –
you, Paige, were there
at my times of Despair.

So whether I write you couplets,
haiku or rambling sonnets –
or a child’s rhyme – of violets of blue,
Without you, Paige, I’d be lost
adrift at sea, waiting for a ripple –
to bring me closer to you –
to hold you once again.

Your partner in rhyme,

The Product Poet

Day 7: NaPoWriMo Prompt: A Love Poem to an Inanimate Object