I have to admit something. I am a reality TV junkie. Specifically, I’d say I am a Bravoholic. Well last night after I returned from work and started watching Bravo’s Top Chef on the DVR. The last three chefs made their way to the finale in Las Vegas, where they will be joined by the winner of Last Chance Kitchen.

However, as the episode ended and they were showing a preview of part 1 of the Top Chef Season 13 finale, I saw Chef Kwame Onwauchi quickly run across my television screen. At first, I assumed Kwame was the winner of Top Chef’s Last Chance Kitchen. I’ve even sent out a since deleted tweet congratulating Kwame on winning Last Chance Kitchen.

Boy was I wrong, I went online and watched the latest Last Chance Kitchen episode, which pitted Carl Dooley against chefs Jason Stratton and Amar Santana. Chef Carl Dooley found himself in the Last Chance Kitchen for his unsuccessful attempt at a fois gras torchon. I like the risk that Carl took, but he just didn’t have enough time for the torchon to properly cure.

For the most recent Last Chance Kitchen episode, the three eliminated Top Chefs had 30 minutes to create a dish using a San Francisco treat, sourdough. Carl made a green apple and green tomato gazpacho, Amar made a beef Wellington with grilled asparagus and Jason made a bruschetta with smoked salmon and hazelnut aigrelette. Mmm mmm good. After three great dishes, Chef Tom Colicchio announced that chefs Carl and Amar were heading on to the Last Chance Kitchen finale, where the winner earns a spot in the Top Chef Season 13 finale alongside chefs Jeremy Ford, Marjorie Meek-Bradley and Isaac Toups “Legit to Quit”.

While we might not yet know if Carl Dooley or Amar Santana won the Last Chance Kitchen, perhaps the preview of part 1 of the Top Chef Season 13 finale provides a clue. After Kwame runs first in a line of chefs through a kitchen, we see Jeremy, Isaac and Marjorie, but in behind Isaac and Marjorie we can see what appears to be Carl Dooley. It also looks like a couple of other eliminated Top Chefs running too, so perhaps this is just a clever edit by the Bravo editors.

Either way, I can’t wait to tune in next Thursday at 9pm Eastern, 8 pm Central to see if my prediction is right that Carl Dooley indeed was the winner of Top Chef’s Last Chance Kitchen. But if Amar Santana is the winner, that’s awesome too as he has cooked some amazing food this season. 

Top Chef Season 13 has been a great season and I can’t wait to see who wins, but since the finale is in Las Vegas, who are you betting on to win?