I have to admit, I love a good game.

Whether it is a board game or a game played on my iPhone, the pure challenge of winning (okay, perhaps improving) always keeps me coming back for more.


However, I also didn’t realize that I had inadvertently been a player in various social media games through the utilization of hashtags. For those of you who are not familiar with a hashtag, a hashtag looks like the pound sign on your telephone and is most commonly used to “tag” certain words in social networking sites in order to better search for specific items or trends.

Usually when I think of a hashtag, I immediately think of Twitter (subliminal hint – you can follow me here) and then secondarily Instagram (not so subtle hint to follow me here). Facebook also introduced the ability to utilize hashtags in posts, again as a mechanism for searching for specific words, but also as a way to find people with similar interests.

One such hashtag I have been recently been involved with is #sockgame. I first noticed this a couple weeks ago when I was posting a picture of my sock adorned feet. One of my Twitter tweeps, as I like to call them, indicated that I had “Sock Game.” Then a friend of mine at a social media agency indicated that she was working on a post about this particular hashtag, but also how you can use the geolocation function in Twitter to find people that might be using the same hashtag near you. I thought that was pretty darn cool.

I’ve followed plenty of hashtags along my Twitter journey and hashtags are a great way of keeping track of certain conversations. I’ve also come across a wide variety of people that actually challenge others to “up their game” through displaying of the socks. Even this morning, I discovered that many news anchors challenge one another in this sock game. Think about it. How many times have you actually seen what a news anchor is wearing below the table? Scratch that. I’m not sure if I want to know.


So the next time that you see me post a picture of my socks and I’ve put the hashtag #sockgame in my post, let’s see if you can step up and play along in this game. If anything, you might find yourself oohing and ahhing over a new pair of socks. I know I do and so can you too.