Yesterday was a big day for me as I was able to put on my big boy outfit, a/k/a fancy suit, as I went to Minnesota State Capitol to educate a state senator that he has very little knowledge about a particular bill that he is sponsoring. I always love educating people, but it was my lawyer who educated me about a Saint Paul restaurant called Foxy Falafel.

First of all, just the name alone had me very intrigued as a) I love falafel and 2) I love the word “Foxy”. How could I not fall in love with this restaurant with such a cool name. So after our meeting, we headed west down University Avenue to Raymond Avenue to Foxy Falafel.

If you are not familiar with falafel, check out this review of Afrah Restaurant in Plano, Texas, but I’ve only known falafel to be made out of chickpeas, but boy was I enlightened.

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Owner Erica Strait not only has the traditional falafel made from chickpeas, but she has masterfully created a curry falafel as well as a beet falafel. As I’m always in an adventurous mood for food (oops, I rhymed) I had to try the Stoplight falafel, which has two of each of the three falafel. It wasn’t until about 8 hours later did it hit me why this is this is named stoplight, as one of green (Foxy), one is yellow (curry) and the other is red (beet).  Well played, Erica. Well played.

The Stoplight Falafel from Foxy Falafel

I was a little hesitant to try the spicy harissa sauce, but boy an I glad I took that leap of faith. The spicy sauce was perfect for the beet and Foxy falafel and while I thought may overpower the curry falafel, three glasses of water later, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now I know I’ve droned on a bit long about this totes magotes great restaurant, but what about the meats? At Foxy Falafel, they have three types of meats to choose from: Chicken shawarma, turkey gyro and kofta. After flashbacks of an unpleasant chicken shawarma experience in the streets of Paris, I opted for the turkey gyro. Truth be told, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to traditional gyro meat (lamb and beef) but Foxy Falafel may have just converted me to being a turkey gyro lover. The turkey gyro meat was leaner, not greasy and was perfectly paired with a cabbage salad, soft pita splices and a dollop of hummus. My oh my, I think I found heaven and it’s on Avenue du Raymond.

Lunch at Foxy Falafel

So do the right thing
and be just like me,
head to Foxy Falafel
for a meal that’s so yummy.

[hr gap=”2″]Foxy Falafel is located at 791 Raymond Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Hours are Monday: 11am-3pm, Tuesday: 11am-8pm, Wednesday: 11am-8pm, Thursday: 11am-8pm, Friday: 11am-pm, Saturday: 11am-8pm and Sunday: CLOSED. Happy Hour: Tuesday-Friday 3pm-6pm. Food Truck: Check Facebook and Twitter For Updates! Sundays: Kingfield Farmers Market: 8:30-1p