Master storyteller
Inside us all
Words as an elixir

Dreamy abstraction
Inside poets’ minds
Drawn as an inspiration

For National Poetry Writing Month, today’s double elevenie poem comes from the prompt from napowrimo.net. Well, actually it was for yesterday, but hey, I’m only a day late.

So what is an elevenie? According to napowrimo.net, an elevenie is “an eleven-word poem of five lines, with each line performing a specific task in the poem. The first line is one word, a noun. The second line is two words that explain what the noun in the first line does, the third line explains where the noun is in three words, the fourth line provides further explanation in four words, and the fifth line concludes with one word that sums up the feeling or result of the first line’s noun being what it is and where it is.”

And since this is a double elevenie, there are two elevenie but I’ve somewhat tied them together.