Fitbit Data Shows The Aftershock of The San Diego County Earthquake

At approximately 2:30am California time, I was shaken in my bed at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California, which is just outside of San Diego. Thankfully I was wearing my Fitbit.

As I am traveling for the Fiat Chrysler 2017 Fiat 124 Spider media event, I knew it wasn’t due to my snoring.

Instead, I thought to myself as I slowly drifted back to sleep, “Self, was that an earthquake?”

I woke up at 5:00am California time to head to the fitness center to get in a run. I checked my private Twitter list of news sources and saw that there was indeed a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in San Diego County, at approximately 1:00am California time.

Fitbit app

Out of curiosity, I checked my Fitbit Charge HR sleep data to see if my restlessness was captured. And guess what, as you can see below, it was indeed captured. I was restless for four minutes. Now I say that’s pretty cool.
I then wanted to check to see if my heart rate was elevated while I was sleeping. As the picture below shows, I went to bed around 11:30pm California time and I guess although I was shaken by the aftershock at 2:30am, the trough of the chart below shows that I was sleeping like a baby.

Fitbit app

Don’t worry, the chart doesn’t show that I was having a heart attack. Instead the big spike was when I was completing my morning run in the indoor sun.

FYI, I do wear a Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth heart rate monitor while I exercise. I am always fascinated as to the different heart rate measurements between a chest strap heart rate monitor, my Fitbit and my Apple Watch. I’ll save that data for another post another day.

So the next time you find yourself in an earthquake or a stressful situation, if you are wearing a Fitbit Charge HR like me, check out your vital statistics. You never know what you may find.