For anyone that follows me across various social networks, you will undoubtedly agree that I am a foodie. Like many of us, I love to take pictures of my food and even though my food may start to get cold, I attempt to capture the perfect haiku or caption to describe what it is I’m about to devour. But what if I could do more with my food photos and actually help someone in need by simply taking food photos. I could therefor transform myself from a foodie to a Feedie, which is what I’ve done starting today.

So what is Feedie? Feedie is a smartphone app that was designed through a partnership between chef Mario Batali and Topaz Page-Green, the founder of The Lunchbox Fund, to provide school children in South Africa with healthy lunches. Simply download the Feedie app to your iPhone or Android phone to create your own profile. With options to connect to your Facebook profile, Twitter account, Google+ page and Foursquare account, you can simply find a participating Feedie restaurant, check-in to the restaurant and snap your favorite food picture.

By sharing a picture with the Feedie app, the very cool gap between technology and philanthropy were bridged, as for each meal that is photographed, the participating restaurant will donate one meal to The Lunchbox Fund. Since its launch in October 2013, in addition to chef Mario Batali, chefs Jamie Oliver and Peter Tempelhoff have joined as ambassadors and have expanded the number of participating restaurants across the United States and the World. I was even able to find a participating restaurant here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, not that far from my office. So this upcoming week, I will officially become a Feedie when I snap my first picture.

For my simple math, that’s one meal, plus one meal, equals how great I’ll feel.