It has been a while since I posted a haiku from Baffled’s Haiku Challenge on Twitter, but I thought I would start posting these again in the event that you are not following me on Twitter.

So here was today’s haiku challenge:

And here is my corresponding haiku:

Good ’til the last drop.
I am hot, bold & steamy.
A regular Joe.

Now when I write haiku, I like to use references that may make you think about this a little more. For example, Joe could be a person and no, that’s not my real name. Instead, when I think of “Joe” I think about a cup of coffee or a “cup of Joe.” And more importantly, I almost always drink my coffee without any creamer, so it is a “regular cup of Joe.”

So if you are writing a haiku, try to play around with words that could potentially have double meanings. By doing so, the reader can challenge themselves to interpret a haiku in a wide variety of ways.