For those of you that follow me on Twitter (not so subtle hint to follow me here), many of you know that I love to send out a tweet to effectively measure my own “Return on Poetry.” What I mean by Return on Poetry is in the world of social media, many companies find it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to measure a Return on Investment or ROI of their social media endeavors.

Surely if you are in the marketing world, you would understand that there is marketing and then is digital and social selling. In my non-poetic life, I previously was a CEO of a social networking related entity, so trust me when I say I know who hard it is to effectively compete for eyeballs, not only on your website, but your social media networks.

There are many great organizations that have great tools and while some believe that one can value a Like or a relationship with a consumer, what I love to do is reverse that process by sending out a particular tweet. I have written about this before, but in essence it starts off with a tweet such as this one below:

The Product Poet

By doing so, I can now measure how a response to one tweet from a brand, in this case Enterprise Car Rental, translated into over $200.00 of revenue when I booked my two-day car rental in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In fact, I do this same types of tweets for hotels, lunches, dinners and anything that I really want to try to effectively have a brand compete for my dollars. Yep, I reversed it on the brands. Basically through a series of over 69,000 tweets in a three-year time period, I know which bands actually respond to their consumers, which guess what? It drives greater affinity for myself and ultimately my positive experiences always get pushed out to a social media “tribe” which when I add all of my social networking connections, is approaching 200,000 connections.

I’ve developed ten core rules of engagement, mainly geared for Twitter, but by doing so, as well as my interaction with brands, there is often-times some confusion over what I do and why I do what I do. First, I do not take a dime for anything I do. I love to say, “What I do, I do for free, for my love, of poetry.” Second, I love writing and telling people about new products and companies. Third, some occasional swag finds its way to me and thank goodness my mailman is like Batman’s Alfred, as he/she does know my real-life identity. Lastly, there are some really great things happening on social today and many brands have figured out that in “Order to get Downy with me, simply engage me in poetry.”

The Product Poet

So not only did Enterprise Car Rental respond to my tweet, which of course Avis and Budget did as well several hours later, when I checked in to picked up my car, I batted my eyelashes a bit and was able to secure a minimally more expensive upgrade to the 2015 Dodge Challenger. Man, she was a thing of beauty, with only 17 miles on her when I picked her up.

Although in my non-poetic life I drive a BMW SUV (I know, haters gonna hate.); however, since I participated in the social media launch of the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat, if I rent a car today and can upgrade to a Dodge Charger of Dodge Challenger, well you can just tickle me pink. And yes, kudos to Enterprise for responding to my tweet and what started off with a tweet ended up with a car so sweet this week. You do the math: one tweet, one response, $240.17 of revenue for Enterprise. I call that one heck of a social media ROI, I mean Return on Poetry.

Oh, by the way, I’m still waiting for National to respond, which is probably why I haven’t rented from them in a really long time. I’m not trying to be punny, but if no one is listening, they you’ll have none of my money.