About ten years ago I was introduced to Jack Black and I immediately fell in love.

I loved the way that Jack Black felt on my chapped lips, especially his Natural Mint & Shea Butter. Now I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t Jack Black an actor?” The answer is of course yes and while I love his acting capabilities, the Jack Black I am talking about is a line of men’s skin care products.

The next thing I know, lip balm progressed to Beard Lube, which ultimate lead to an All-Over Wash. The last time I counted (okay that was today), I currently have ten Jack Black products adorned in my bathroom.


So let me tell you a little bit of how I discovered Jack Black. For nearly thirty years, I have suffered from a very difficult bout with ingrown facial hairs as well as keloid scaring. I have used a wide variety of men’s skin care products, but I could never find one line of products that could satisfy all of my daily grooming needs.

Some men’s skin care product lines irritated my skin, causes redness or would cause rashes due to the sensitive nature of my skin. I have gone from a razor to an electric razor to most recently undergoing laser hair removal treatment to reduce the effects of ingrown facial hairs.

But when I discovered Jack Black, I found a great range of men’s skin care and grooming products, that have helped me feel more confident about my face and have reduced my ability to have to use concealer or powder to hide my blemishes attributed to my ingrown facial hairs.

For those of you that have yet to discover Jack Black, the company was founded in early 2000, as a result of the inability to find a high-quality, premium men’s skin care line of products. Originally I could only find Jack Black products at Nordstrom’s, but now I can find a wide range of their products at Sephora, as well as through their website, Get Jack Black.

Just like me, you will discover that is perfectly acceptable to love Jack Black (including the actor). From head to toe, I feel amazing each and every day I use Jack Black products. Don’t be shy, give love a try.