You know what they say?
The best thing to cure a hangover
is more wine. Wine flowing into

a glass, like unfiltered water or sports drinks
or a cup of steaming hot coffee. Perhaps the Hair
of Dog, a numbing effect, curing the pounding

of your head, like the breaking of crackers.
Grab a greasy spoon, to ease your ills,
while you fill your mind with medications.

You see, vitamins may help you get healthy
but not from the glass of wine still
coursing through your veins, like a river

of red, no white, no pinot gris, his or her
name you cannot remember. Perhaps it was
Jordan or Phelps or Shea. Oh what the Hey! Others say the best way to cure a hangover
is sex. Sometimes with your mate. Sometimes
with your self. But without hesitation

the best way besides wine to cure your hangover
is simply prevention.

As requested by Molly @ Hey Eleanor. Give here a follow on Twitter here and inspired by the Men’s Health article titled: 11 Ways to Ease a Nasty Hangover.