The Brain Is A Powerful Object

On my three-inch by two-inch phone screen
I frantically type to meet a deadline,
all the while the printed paper’s ink
has settled into both my left and right hands,
burrowing deep into my fingernails
like an orange jailbird.

There is only 1 calculation I need to know
that equals billions of imaginary squirrels I chase down
never ending rabbit holes. Over 40 hours a week I spend
hunting for the perfect words. Not 3 to 5, nor 9 to 5,
but 24 hours a day, offering you not 10%,
but 39% of my problems, yet 100% of my heart.

I try to unlock the secrets of my brain,
an executive decision not made hastily, as I
balance on the pros and cons of bridging the gap between
intuition and strategician as I dream
of being a statistical magician
using the sleight of my hands.

In fact, I’m always fast acting, getting results,
though not every decision turns out good or bad,
there are no awkward silences as I effectively switch
between social and analytical modes, providing you
encouragement, praise and rewards, which has resulted in a
strong emotional bond and your sense of purpose.

Perhaps it’s my attention-deficit-disorder that resulted
in this new approach to rewriting my hardwired code,
as I am a ticking clock holding your thoughts, wound up to
play you a lullaby of chimes at three a.m. in the morning,
signifying that my hunt for words
began but shall never end.

Contributor’s Note: Day 28 of NaPoWriMo’s Prompt was to write a “News Poem,” where one writes a poem from using words from an article. The article I chose was titled, “The Inner Workings of the Executive Brain from the Wall Street Journal and written by Andrew Blackman.