The first step of any addiction is to admit that one has a problem. Well I have a problem. I am addicted to socks. I first became addicted to socks nearly 30 years ago, when I would coordinate my pink tie with my, gasp, white pants and my pink socks. Hey, I thought it was very Miami Vice at the time. What did I know?

Fast forward twenty years and I was stuck in my boring banker suits, where I pretty much had two, maybe three, colors of socks: black, blue and grey. Then a little over two years ago, I finally hung up my banker suits and was in a position where I could start to express myself through my socks. Unlike my boxer briefs, I could quickly flash socks to someone as I crossed my legs or walked the pavement.

Then early this summer, I sent out a tweet regarding a sock I was wearing and I was followed by a company called Mitscoots. After looking at their profile, I quickly became enamored with their mission. As their story is told, in 2008 while volunteering in Austin, Texas, they discovered that the number one need amongst the less fortunate, right after food and water, was the need for a clean, fresh pair of socks.

Therefore, when I find a brand or product that I love their mission, I was quick to send out a tweet to my now nearly 157,000 followers on Twitter:

I wasn’t really expecting anything other than maybe a favorite or retweet or two, but the company contacted me and offered to send me a pair of their socks simply for writing a haiku. Now, I am always very appreciative of anyone that is interested in sending me a product, but I really started to delve in a little more to the company.


I received the socks and I was very impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship, so I in turn ordered two more pairs. The reason why I was thrilled to order two more pairs, is by simply doing this, Mitscoots would give two pairs to those less fortunate.

Furthermore, Mitscoots is also involved in helping to employ the less fortunate as part of their distribution process, hence their motto, Get + Give + Employ. For me personally, this is a Win + Win + Grin. Now every time I wear a pair of Mitscoots, I love telling everyone about the Mitscoots story.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the Mitscoots story below and then head over to to buy a pair or two. Just think how great you will feel. I know I do.