Oh where, oh where, have my followers gone, oh where, oh where can they be?

I’m having a bad day.

It started off with a slightly pinched nerve, followed by having to switch my normal coffee routine, to being late for one of my own meetings.

Then the ultimate thing happened. About two hours ago, I lost all of my Twitter followers, as well as everyone I was following has been un-followed.

To others, this might not seem like a big deal, but over the past fifteen or so months, I’ve built up a follower base of approximately 110,000 followers.

I follow about 60,000 great people, great brands and great celebrities, interacting throughout each and every day.

I write poetry, haiku, limericks, product placement poetry, all mainly published through Twitter.

I use my iPhone to take pictures and post to Twitter.

I use various applications to manage my Twitter followers, such as JustUnfollow.com.

I am advocates on on-line influential sites, that use the Twitter API.

I never try to go negative on Twitter, whereas all of my poems, typically praise my followers, brands and celebrities.

I can occasionally get snarky in posts like this, which then is posted to Twitter.

I love Twitter.

I’ve tweeted to Twitter about this issue, including some of their employees I follow.

Twitter is very hard to reach.

I love Twitter.

It is hard to complain to Twitter in a poem or haiku.

I love Twitter.

Perhaps I need a new Medium.

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